Family Medicine



General Information About The Department

Family Medicine is a medical speciality requiring to acquire all the necessary knowledge, skills and manners for providing a modern, qualified, evidence-based health service intended for early diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and rehabilitation as primary care for all health problems which may be confronted by health protection and improvement in compliance with the principles of medical ethics without making discrimination between genders, complaints and diseases in every stage of life circle such as childhood, puberty, adulthood and decline with sustainability in order to contribute to individuals, families and community health care.

Family Medicine Department constitutes the first medical contact point with the health system. It enables open and unlimited access for individuals who need service regardless of any of their characteristics such as age or gender and care about their all health problems.


a. A family physician is the first contact point of the healthcare system for individuals.

b. A family physician is easily accessible.

c. A family physician offers an integrated and coordinated service.

d. A family physician has an ongoing communication with individuals who visit him/her.

e. A family physician delivers a holistic (biopsychosocial) approach to patient care.

f. Service provided by the family physician is personal, but also family and community oriented.

g. Confidentiality and rapport are essential considering communication of the family physician with their patients.

h. A family physician prioritizes the benefit of his/her patients.

i. A family physician is sensitive about the effective use of the health resources.

j. A family physician manages clinical decision making and interview processes specific to family medicine in patient care.

k. A family physician works within a team in accordance with the requirements of the service provided by.

Family Medicine Specialists are rotated during their residency in;

• Internal Diseases

• Children's Health and Diseases

• Gynecology and Obstetrics

• Mental Health and Diseases

• Emergency Medicine

• Pulmonary Medicine

• Cardiology

• Skin and Venereal Diseases

They are also rotated in one of the branches: Neurology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation or General Surgery selected by the programme manager, considering the preference of the residents.

Family Medicine Specialist;

• carries out the primary examination of all the patients who apply to his/her, regarding their health

• provides early diagnosis and treatment for each patient in accordance with the basic family medicine principles

• provides continuous care and treatment for chronic and recurrent diseases

• considers physical, mental and social characteristics of his/her patients during Family Medicine Service

• improves quality of life and health status of patients by providing preventive and therapeutic health service for those.

• is professional at basic skills such as collecting information about the diseases and establishing a long-term connection with patients.

Our main objectives as Family Medicine Clinic:

• To train individuals to be family medicine specialists to meet primary care health requirements for all in our country.

• To be in a multidisciplinary and scientific cooperation.

• To do primary-care oriented medical research based on providing health service meeting the requirements of our society.

• To contribute to the medical trainings of the primary care physicians consistently

• Thus, to contribute to getting the best primary care health service possible for everyone living in Turkey

Diagnose and Treatment:

Regardless of age, gender or any other characteristics, all applicants are diagnosed, treated and followed up at the level of primary care. Family medicine has an important mission especially in the management of undifferentiated patients who apply with different complaints simultaneously and cannot be transferred to a specific branch as long as in the management of screening, treatment and monitorization of chronic diseases.

What type of patients does Family Medicine care?

In this manner, not only Family Medicine plays an active role in the management of chronic diseases such as diabetics and hypertension but also in the management of acute diseases. The basic principle of our clinic is "There is no disease, but patient." Therefore, each patient applying to our clinic is not only evaluated based on their diseases, but also they are personally evaluated considering the individual's characteristic states. Thus, the most appropriate treatment and follow-up plan is carried out.

Featured Services:

- Smoking Cessation Unit

- Home Healthcare Unit

- Early Detection of Cancer, Screening and Training Center (KETEM)

- Planned Services

- Traditional and Complementary Medicine Practices (acupuncture, cupping etc.)

- Family Counseling

IMPORTANT: Outpatient applications are only accepted via MHRS (Centralized Hospital Appointment System) in the direction of the instructions of The Ministry of Health during the pandemic
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Smoking Cessation Polyclinic

Smoking Cessation Unit

Smoking which is known as the biggest plague of our age is one of the most important health problems in our country and in the world. Every second person who is a smoker dies due to a health problem caused by smoking. We lose 110 thousand people on account of an illness of smoking per year in our country. Cigarette is not only harmful for the smoker, but also people around him/her. Using cigarette and other tobacco products is an addiction and addiction is a disease. It is patients' right to seek professional help about it like any other disease. Nicotine which is one of the five thousand noxious substances a cigarette contains, is a potentially very highly addictive substance. %80 percent of the smokers want to quit smoking. The Success rate of the people who try to quit smoking by themselves is very low. Therefore, seeking professional help during the period of smoking cessation is a very good idea to maximize the change of success to ease the smoking cessation period and to minimize the smoking relapses. Ankara City Hospital Numune Smoking Cessation Polyclinic is a unit that provides service to patients who want to quit smoking and concerns about all kinds of health problems patients have physically as well as psychologically during the process.

Diagnosis and Treatment: Tobacco and the use of other tobacco products

What kind of diseases does our polyclinic treat? Our polyclinic treats tobacco addiction.

Featured Services

Our Smoking Cessation Polyclinic is also the 
distribution center of The Ministry of Health smoking cessation medications. In our polyclinic, not only we provide pharmacotherapy, but also behavioural therapies via patient interviews.

The Subdivisions of the Unit:

Smoking Cessation Polyclinic 1 - Smoking Cessation Polyclinic 2

How can I visit the polyclinic and get examined?

You can take an appointment by phone or dialing 171


When a patient who already takes an appointment by phone arrives, he/she is invited to an interview after filling some documents. The interviews take approximately 30-60 minutes. Patients are then followed for one year as more frequently in the first three months.

Address and Extension Number: Ankara City Hospital MH6 (Oncology Building) -2th Floor 

Contact: +903125526000 Extension: 622515