Religious Aspect of Organ Donation
06 Eylül 2022

The religious aspect of organ donation

Organ donation is not religiously forbidden. Most of the major
world religions approve organ donation and support it.
Presidency of The Religious Affairs, High Board of Religious
Affairs declared that organ donation was permissible referring to
the decision dated 3.3.1980 and numbered 396/13 on this

As the following:

1. State of necessity is required which means that it must be

confirmed that there is not any alternative way to save the life of
a patient or a vital organ by specialists who are trustworthy
based on their professional qualification and their probity.

2. Doctor's judgment about this method to be applied for
treatment is required.

3. The individual who the removal of tissue and organ to be
performed on must be confirmed dead during the process.

4. The individual who the removal of tissue and organ to be
performed on must give consent while he/she is healty or taking
the consent of his relatives when he/she is alive without the
existence of a counter statement.

5. No fee to be asked in return for tissue and organ removal

6. Patient to be treated must make a statement about his/her
consent to the transplantation to be performed on
himself/herself. In the same decision, it is stated that ''the
individual who you donate your organ is responsible for all the
good and evil acts he/she performs himself/herself.'' In The Holy
Quran dictates that ''whoever saves one, his good deed shall be
rewarded as if he saves the entire mankind.''
(Surah Al-Ma'idah, verse 32)

''Be the life of the expectants.''