General Pediatrics

General Pediatrics

General Pediatrics Clinic is located in MH4 Tower inside Ankara City Hospital Campus, providing health services for children from their birth to 18 years old on a wide spectrum. Our hospital where is one of the grandest health centers of Europe consists of 660 beds, having all the branches including General Pediatrics.

General Pediatrics with 34 physicians being experts in their field offer service while 22 separate polyclinics provide service as 3 Social Pediatrics, 2 adolescent (puberty) health, 1 ÇÖZGER (for children with special needs) and 1 home healthcare.

Applied patients are evaluated carefully in General Pediatrics as their primary examinations and diagnostic investigations are made while their appropriate treatments are conducted. Patients are consulted with other clinics when necessary.

Social Pediatrics (Well-Child) Polyclinic follows growth and development stages of all healthy children from neonatal period as it performs screening tests and vaccination practices to prevent diseases and targets to provide a status of well being.

Children's special needs are specified and their reports are prepared in Special Need Report For Children (ÇÖZGER) Polyclinic

Adolescent (Puberty) Health Polyclinic offers service for youth between 10-19 year-old. Our team who underwent special training in different disciplines to study adolescents work together and solve children's problems in this critical period, supporting their families and providing their medical treatments.

Our 11 professional staff from our Home Healthcare Unit being assigned offers service for chronic, bedbound and challenged pediatric patients whose home healthcare service was approved by Provincial Health Directorate in their home.

Our clinic wards offer service for all hospitalized patients with 177 bed capacity in total as 3 Infants (66 beds, 1-24 month-old babies), 5 Toddlers (111 beds, 2-18 year-old children and adolescents) located in MH4 Children's Hospital. Pediatric subspecialties and other branches are consulted for inpatients when necessary.

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