General Information

Gynecology B clinic is available to provide service with a staff including 1 professor, 5 associate professors, 1 specialist/academic member/lecturer, 4 specialist physicians, 12 assistant doctors and 9 midwife/nurses in Ankara City Hospital Maternity Hospital Building. 3 Polyclinic Rooms, Urodynamics Polyclinic and Lab, Office Hysteroscopy Unit are located on the ground floor and The Service Ward with 24 beds is located on the 9th floor, B wing as 2 operating theaters are located on the center operating theater floor (main mass, 1th floor) Also, our department provides training for residency. 

Diagnose and Treatment:

In our clinic, advanced diagnosis and treatment are applied to all kinds of women diseases (gynecologic diseases) Our clinic is a reference center for risky cases medically and surgically thanks to the advantageous multidisciplinary structure of Ankara City Hospital. Our clinic works with other branches of medicine such as anesthesia and reanimation, general surgery, urology, internal sciences and their subspecialties coordinately. All medical treatments are carried out by experienced physicians with high success rates including surgical procedures for intra-uterine polyps and myomas by closed operative hysteroscopic method.

Patiens being referred or visiting polyclinics with possible indications for surgery are discussed in every aspect in medical board gathered within our clinic to decide the best treatment option and type of surgery as they inform patient and patient relatives after examinations and investigations are completed. Patient and patient relatives are informed. Some of the diseases treated in our clinic are menstruation complications (i.e. dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome), anormal uterine bleedings (premenopausal and post menopausal), external genital organ and vaginal diseases (bartolin cyst, warts, vaginal infections), cervix diseases (cysts, infections, lesions), ovary and tube diseases (cysts, ectopic pregnancies), uterine, urinary bladder and vagina prolapse, urinary incontinence and other infections.

Featured Procedures

Other than general gynecological (women diseases) examination (three and four dimensional ultrasonography) and detection (smear and HPV testings), all kinds of gynecologic complaints and symptoms are diagnosed and treated as specific diseases are managed with advanced surgical and medical treatments wholesomely such as vulvar, cervical end endometrial biopsies, urodynamics tests for urinary incontinence, diagnostic and operative office hysteroscopy (visualisation of intrauterine) which is the most advanced method for quick and differential diagnosis of intrauterine pathologies. Open and closed laparoscopic surgeries, Hysterectomy, Myomectomy, salpingectomy, oophorectomy, tube ligation, pelvic organ prolapse, surgeries for urogynecologic diseases such as urinary incontinence, uterus prolapse, urinary bladder prolapse, chocolate cyst and Deeply Infiltrative Endometriosis Disease, total ovarian cysts, anormally located or sized myomas, tube-ovarian abscesses which ruin women's health and their quality of life.

Our Doctors

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