Youth Center

Youth Center

Youth Center is a health and information service provided and completely intended for youth between 10 -24 years old with their parents when required. Our center provides service by physicians, psychologists and nurses who are experienced in the field of adolescent and underwent special training for adolescent health with team mentality.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

In our polyclinic, diagnosis and treatment of menstrual disorders such as prolonged or heavy menstrual bleeding, early periods or missed periods, absent periods, pain-associated menstruation, early start of menstruation, anemia, hairing, pimples, discharge or itching which our teenage girls experience frequently are carried out by experienced and trained specialists. Diagnosis and treatment of adolescents who visit our center to apply are met by using all the medical opportunities and getting support from the other related branches such as Dermatology, Urology and Dietetics if requested.


What kind of patients does our clinic treat?


Adolescents who are between 10 and 24 years old can apply to our Youth Center to get the service and 10 - 18 age group can apply with their parents only.