Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Clinic

Müfit AKYÜZ, MD, Prof.

Müfit  Akyüz.png

Name : Müfit AKYÜZ
Degree : Medical Doctor, Professor
Mail Address : mufitakyuz@yahoo.com
Division : Spinal Cord Injury, Electromyography
Phone : +903125526000
Languages : English
Specific Areas Of Interest : Spinal cord injury, Electromyography, Focal Treatment of Spasticity (Botulinum toxin and phenol injection)

Dr. Akyüz has been graduated from Hacettepe Medical School in 1986. He has taken postgraduate education from Ankara Rehabilitation Center in 1990. He worked as the chief of the PMR clinic between 1999 and 2015 in Ankara Rehabilitation Center. He is the head of the Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Unit at T.C. Ministry of Health Ankara City Hospital, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital. His main areas of interest are spinal cord injury rehabilitation, electromyography, and focal treatment of spasticity. He has approximately 150 publications in international and national journals.

06 Eylül 2022