Pediatric Infectious Diseases


Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Our department cares for children and adolescents with a variety of infections. In addition to treatment of children, we are also dedicated to research in better ways to diagnose, treat and prevent infectious diseases. 

Our expert specialists manages children and adolescents with a variety of known or suspected infections as well as immune deficiencies during their diagnosis and treatment by an approach within the scope of modern medicine. Children commonly visit our polyclinic as outpatients for evaluation of recurrent or prolonged infections, persistent fever, suspected immune deficiency, enlarged lymph nodes, pneumonia, and similar childhood infections. We also treat and manage children with chronic infections such as HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Children with meningitis, encephalitis, bone infections, endocarditis etc. Other serious and complex infections are usually examined by our infectious disease specialists in our inpatient wards.

The Department is a part of Pediatric Residency Program and it is one of the departments supported by pediatric infectious diseases fellowship program. Pediatric Infectious Diseases has 2 outpatient polyclinics located in the B1 floor and 2 inpatient wards with the capacity of 45 patient beds in A and B wings. 20 single rooms and 12 double rooms are available in the wards in which can be adapted to isolation rooms when required. All of the rooms where children stay with their adult companions are equipped with bathrooms, fridges and tvs-for each bed. In addition, there is a research laboratory where national and international research is carried out in our unit as microscopic examination of clinical samples are performed in the lab available in the inpatient section.

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