Internal Medicine


Ankara City Hospital Internal Diseases Department continues its education and service mission in a wide area with General Internal Medicine Service, Emergency Internal Medicine Intensive Care Units, Internal Medicine Intensive Care Units, Palliative Care Center and Outpatient Polyclinics. Internal Diseases Clinic, with modern physical environments and comprehensive medical facilities; It evaluates the patients as a whole and applies their diagnosis and treatment successfully, with its expert staff who follow the innovations in medicine from different sources, attend national and international scientific meetings, and follow the latest scientific resources and technologies closely.

Diagnosis and treatment of patients with internal problems or rarely encountered patients who require a complex and multidisciplinary approach are applied meticulously, with a scientific and holistic approach, by making councils and consultations with different disciplines when necessary. In clinics, patients are re-evaluated with frequent visits by Internal Medicine Specialists during the day, and their treatment and care are performed by experienced nurses.

In addition to its service mission, the Clinic of Diseases, together with its minor clinics and its large and experienced academic staff, trains approximately 250 research assistants;

Having a comprehensive education to deal with all the organic and psychological problems of the patient,
To complete, safe, logical and scientific approach to diagnosis,
Having ability to evaluate drugs and choose other medical treatments in the prevention and treatment of disease,
Showing a holistic approach to patients, not only as body systems,
To be careful in clinical decision making and cost-effective use of shrinking healthcare resources.

A large number of multicenter national, international and local clinical studies are carried out in the Clinical Researches laboratory in our clinic. It is ensured that all research assistants actively participate in clinical trials.

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