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About The Department of Dermatology

In our clinic, we have 8 educational staff consisting of 6 professors and 2 associate professors; 1 chief assistant; 1 lecturer doctor; 7 specialist doctors; 14 assistant doctors and 26 nurses.

We have 9 outpatient polyclinics (one is for the health committee and consultations) and 2 surgical intervention rooms, which are located on the B1 floor in MH3 Orthopedics Neurology Hospital.

We serve with 2 general and 2 local phototherapy units, 3 laser devices used for different indications, 1 iontophoresis unit and 2 computerized dermatoscope devices. 

Our two wards have the capacity of 42 beds in total and it is located on the 8th Floor under A and C wings in The Orthopedics Neurology Building

Clinical News