Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology


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General Information about The Department:

Our clinic is located in Ankara City Hospital Neurology-Orthopedics Building and it serves with two inpatient wards located on the 8th and 9th floors. Each ward has 24 beds, 48 beds in total.  20 rooms out of 34 are single and 14 rooms are double in these wards. 

Both floors have a specially ventilated room which can function as an airborne infection isolation room. All rooms have a private bathroom, TV(s), a refrigerator and pull-out armchairs for companions.

Diseases Diagnosed and Treated:

In our clinic, basic infectious diseases (pneumonia, meningitis, endocarditis, sepsis, typhoid, infectious diarrhea, acute and chronic hepatitis, upper respiratory tract infections, complicated skin and soft tissue infections, urinary system infections etc.), zoonotic-vector borne diseases ( brucellosis, malaria, tularemia, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever etc.), HIV-AIDS, transplantation-related infectious diseases, prosthetic joint infections, fever of unknown origin, hospital-acquired infections are diagnosed, followed and treated for adults. Patients in intensive care units and units that require special care such as solid organ and bone marrow transplantation and other clinics which require specialist help for hospitalized patients in infectious diseases are evaluated daily by visits organized by our consultant physicians.

Featured Procedures: 

Lumbar puncture and liver needle biopsy (in Interventional Radiology accompanied by ultrasonography) are the diagnostic procedures carried out in our department. The microbiology laboratory in our department can perform cell counting as an urgent microbiological examination for hospitalized patients.

Sections of the Department: 

Vaccine Center located inside The Family Medicine Department is affiliated with us. The center evaluates the risk of contacts with rabies in terms of prophylaxis. The immunization procedures of healthcare professionals and adults are also provided in this center.

The infection Control Committee (ICC) executes surveillance of invasive device related infections and multi-drug resistant bacterial infections in intensive care units and featured units such as solid-organ and bone marrow transplant unit. The committee also monitors infection control practices in clinical and laboratory units, cleaning and disinfection services, and waste sorting practices while providing the necessary training on prevention of healthcare related infections.

How do I get examined in the polyclinics?

You can directly visit our polyclinics located on the B1 floor in The Neurology-Orthopedics Building. You can also make an appointment by dialing the number 182 or via online appointment system called MHRS (Centralized Hospital Appointment System)

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