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Typically, a pain clinic is a branch where doctors offer solutions for intractable pain. Medical conditions causing pain are arthritis, back pain, neck pain, neuralgia (neuro-pathic pain), shingles pain, cancer pain and some migraine attacks.

Many primary care doctors refer their patients to pain clinics when using other methods for pain relief don't work.

Generally, pain management that is provided in a pain clinic includes a combination of therapies. We have many modalities including medication, interventional pain management techniques (nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulators and similar treatments), along with physiotherapy and complementary medicine to reduce pain. Pain clinics often use a multidisciplinary approach to help people who take an active role in managing their pain and regaining control of their healthy life. These programmes are focused on person as an individual, not just pain itself.

In our pain clinic, your therapy plan is tailored for your specific needs, circumstances and preferences. The goal of pain management is to minimize your pain rather than eliminating it. This is because quite often it is not possible to completely cure the pain.

Pain conditions we treat in our clinic

Back pain
Cancer pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Complex regional pain syndrome
Degenerative disc disease
Herniated discs
Neck pain
Orofacial pain
Phantom limb pain
Shingles pain
Tailbone pain
Trigeminal neuralgia

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