Kidney Transplantation Unit


Clinical Information

Our Transplantation Center in Ankara City Hospital started to be available in March 2019. Our center has gained regional recognition for our scientific contributions, our fellowship training programs by our efforts to increase deceased and living organ donation. Our center has all the necessary technical equipment and staff for evaluation and preparation of living-donors and deceased-donors for kidney transplantation. Our Transplantation team consists of experts of a multidisciplinary group who  successfully apply proven methods and instruments in order to treat people suffering from kidney failure. Each member of the team is an expert in his/her field and has experience in the specific conditions of transplant patients. They work with each individual to arrange treatment specifically by using a combination of minimally invasive techniques such as robotic and laparoscopic surgery and medication to prevent organ rejection and unwanted situations. Our department in Ankara City Hospital meets international standards and it has one of the biggest kidney transplantation centers in the region. Our transplantation team can perform three different kidney transplantation surgeries simultaneously. There are 25 patient beds in our Organ Transplant Department. Our Intensive Care Unit has the capacity of 14 beds for critical care. All rooms have glass doors, allowing nurses to closely monitorize patients all the time and it is private. Ankara City Hospital surgeons performed more than 45 kidney tranplants last year with high success rates, including children and adults with very challenging kidney conditions who'd needed special solutions and surgeries. Recipient and graft survival rates are similar with the results of the most successful centers in USA and Europe. In our hospital, our transplant programs are successfully carried out by our experienced team, in accordance with the laws and it is always checked and confirmed that blood groups of volunteer individuals are matched and their health status is perfectly fine, they have blood ties or they are spouses. In our hospital, liver, kidney and bone marrow transplantations are performed by our experienced teams providing the highest quality of service for patients. In addition, patients are followed up by our team in their postoperative period. Our transplant services meet the criteria of protection and accurate transplant conditions at maximum level.