Emergency Medicine Department


Emergency Medicine Department

Our Emergency Department works 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Ambulance entrances are carried out from different gates. Our department is divided into three areas as red, yellow and green based on patient conditions. Triage system is conducted by our assistant doctors in the areas where the emergency rooms are located.

Other than triage rooms, there are primary examination rooms, simple surgical intervention rooms, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) room and observation units in the red area.

In the yellow area, there are 12 stretchers in each ward, numbers may increase depending on population. There are monitors at the head of each stretcher. In all areas, we have all kinds of medication and equipment necessary for ECG, defibrillator, oxygen systems and urgent interventions. Our department has an ambulance staff and CPR support staff ready for any ambulance arrivals. Three CPR rooms are located immediately near this entrance. In the red areas located right after the CPR rooms, there are respiratory support devices, defibrillators and materials and other equipment for all types of resuscitative procedures. We have also a heliport area connected directly to the red area where 2 helicopters can land on.

Currently, 9 faculty members, 22 emergency medicine specialists and approximately 50 research assistants provide service together with doctors. Emergency Radiology Unit provides uninterrupted service inside our Emergency Department and it includes X-Ray, Computed Tomography, MRI and Ultrasound devices. There is also an emergency biochemistry laboratory for analysis.

It is anticipated that this number we have so far will increase exponentially in the future in our emergency department as we are visited by approximately 1000 patients per day. The total area of Emergency Department is nearly 40,000 m2. Additionally, our department provides emergency medicine specialist training by a regular and disciplined emergency medicine training program to train qualified emergency medicine specialists for the future.