Ankara City Hospital Nephrology Clinic is located in Oncology Hospital. The patients are being served in 4 polyclinics and 2 services, in each of which there are 21 beds. Also, in the general hospital building, the outpatients and patients who are hospitalized in Hemodialysis unit are given hemodialysis treatment.

In our clinic, mainly, diagnosis and treatment of hypertension, glomerulonephritis, fluid electrolyte disturbance, acute and chronic kidney disease and kidney transplantation are done. Non-invasive diagnosis and treatments such as 24 hours monitering of ambulatory blood pressure and ultrasonographic evaluation, and interventional diagnosis and treatments such as central venous catheter insertion , peritoneal dialyses catheter insertion and kidney biopsy are applied.

In our clinic, as well as medical treatment options; peritoneal dialyses, hemodialysis treatment of in and outpatients and home hemodialysis treatment are also applied to the patients.

In our clinic in which subbranch specialty education is given, academic studies in the fields of genetically transitive kidney diseases, kidney transplantation, peritoneal dialyses and hemodialysis are done. There are 2 professors, 3 associate professors, 7 specialists and 2 fellow doctors in Nephrology Clinic.


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